#WOW Links

Essential Wownero Links:

What’s up shit bird,

So you just FOMO’ed your way into buying this shitcoin and now you’re wondering what the hell you just bought, right? Right. Admit it, you didn’t even do any research before you bought. It’s cool, we know. Read this before you continue to get the basics because we’re tired of people coming in and asking the same stupid fucking questions. CAPICHE????

All of the below info is on the website which you should have at least read ya lazy prick: https://wownero.org/

If you need a wallet, here are the options:
* Wowlet (desktop, GUI): https://git.wownero.com/wowlet/wowlet/releases
* Official software (desktop, CLI): https://git.wownero.com/wownero/wownero/releases
* MonerujoWow (mobile/Android, app): https://f-droid.monerujo.io/fdroid/repo/
* Wowstash (web): https://wowstash.app (custodial)

If you want to cash out, the current exchanges are:
* TradeOgre: https://tradeogre.com
* FreeBitcoins: https://freebitcoins.com/xchange/market/Bitcoin-Wownero

Alternatively, there is a swap service run by a community member to swap between XMR and WOW: https://neroswap.com

If you want to mine, check out https://miningpoolstats.stream/wownero

– I recommend:
* Wowne.ro https://wowne.ro/
* Cryptonote Social: https://cryptonote.social/wow

If you want to earn WOW you’ve got a few options:
* Contribute in a meaningful way: https://funding.wownero.com
* Submit spicy memes: https://suchwow.xyz

Got issues and need help? Join some of our community places:
* Forums: https://forum.wownero.com
* Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Wownero

Nobody knows or cares much about the price. It be what it be, stop asking for predictions, you’re stupid.

Lastly, nobody gives a shit about ARRR, we respec da pump, but go talk about it somewhere else, it’s annoying.